October 3, 2022

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Arrival and Day 13 tests are now essential say CCA

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Dr Nicola Brink

Taking a day-of-arrival COVID-19 swab will now be essential, along with a day 13 test in order for passengers to secure early release from the mandatory 21 days of self-isolation on, or around, day 14.

In making this decision at its meeting yesterday, the Civil Contingencies Authority (CCA) considered the increasing prevalence rates of COVID-19 in our near neighbours, the transmission rates of the new variants of COVID-19 and the measures introduced regarding essential travel into the Bailiwick.

Children under 12, will continue to only need a negative test on day 13. If travellers are selfisolating in a bubble with family or friends, all non-travellers will also need a negative day 13 test in order to qualify for early release from self-isolation.

There is no change for travellers who are coming to the Bailiwick as critical workers, who will still need to comply with their specific self-isolation and testing requirements.

Dr Nicola Brink, Director of Public Health said:

‘Asking people to take a test on arrival and on day 13 of their self-isolation enables us to pick up all travellers who are COVID-19 positive on arrival (and who are asymptomatic), as well as late presenting infections at day 13. The day 1 test is also beneficial for track and trace purposes should this be needed.

Asking people to have both tests in order to leave self-isolation on day 14 rather than day 21 protects the Bailiwick as we continue to fight this pandemic.’

Deputy Peter Ferbrache, Chair of the CCA said:

‘As I said at the media briefing on Friday 8 January, we have put in place measures to ban all but non-essential travel into the Bailiwick. Those who must travel for critical or essential reasons need to work with us to protect the Bailiwick from COVID-19.

‘Asking travellers to have a negative day 1 AND day 13 test result is a belt and braces approach to pick up early and late presenting infections.’

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