October 3, 2022

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All UK passengers in Covid-19 pilot scheme tested negative for disease

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All passengers were tested for Covid-19 seven days after arrival

No new cases of Covid 19 were recorded after a seven day isolation pilot scheme was introduced for travellers entering the Bailiwick from the UK.

Public Health officials are now considering introducing seven day isolation for arrivals if cases of infection on the mainland fail to dip to the one in 5,000 ratio required for no mandatory isolation to be imposed.

The travellers who took part in the trial were swabbed after seven days of isolation following arrival from the UK.

Those who took part in this scheme were then able to go about their business on the Island (with some mandatory restrictions) whilst under passive follow-up for another 7 days.

The table published by Public Health shows the preliminary data on the number of passengers swabbed after travel on the dates shown. For a traveller arriving on the 5th July, their day 7 swab would have been taken on 11th July. All swabs taken have shown a negative result:

DateCumulative passenger arrivals tested as part of 7-day pilotCumulative Negative resultsCumulative Positive results
5th July6800
6th July22100
7th July27500
8th July42200
9th July49200
10th July61500
All passengers tested negative for Covid-19 after seven days of isolation

11th July 3 0

12th JulyN/A700
13th JulyN/A2420
14th JulyN/A2730
15th JulyN/A4090
16th JulyN/A4800
17th JulyN/A5830
18th JulyN/A6150

Dr Nicola Brink, Director of Public Health Services said:

‘I have always been open and transparent with the community as we have worked through the COVID-19 pandemic. This data belongs to the community and it is right that this is shared at the earliest opportunity.

We have now had a chance to collate the data from the 7 day trial which shows that we have not picked up any new positive cases being imported into the Bailiwick from the results received to date.

The team will now be assessing this data as testing on day 7 of self-isolation is a possible alternative to introducing unrestricted travel if the circumstances in the UK do not make this a viable, safe option.’

Deputy Gavin St Pier, Chair of the Civil Contingencies Authority said:

‘I am aware that some members of the community are disappointed that the 7 day pilot has not continued into August.

Our hope is that soon, but not before the beginning of September, we will be able to reintroduce travel to the UK, and bring back the ‘A and B’ country approach that was in place before we locked down possibly with post arrival testing and/or shorter periods of isolation. This is reliant on a number of things that are not themselves certain such as the prevalence of the COVID-19 continuing to fall in the UK.

We also want to look at the results of our pilot for testing on day 7 and compare them against the data that comes from the UK’s Office of National Statistics to be confident in the reliability of the ONS data for our purposes. And importantly we will need to further increase our on-island testing capability to cope with the much larger numbers of arrivals we would expect, as unrestricted travel will still involve mitigations such as one, possibly two tests, for arrivals as part of the ‘test and trace’ which has been a major success in our response so far.

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