September 25, 2022

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Alderney self isolation requirement reduced to seven days

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Travellers entering Alderney from countries outside the Bailiwick including the UK will have the option to isolate for just seven days from September 3rd.

Alderney Civic Contingency Authority members elected not to join Guernsey and Sark when they reduced requirements for isolation for travellers re-entering the Bailiwick from 14 days to seven, from Monday 17th August.

Limited resources for testing plus many Islanders’ concerns about large numbers of visitors already on Island were supplied as the reason.

But Island Medical Centre Clinical Director Dr Sally Simmons has advised the States that they are now ready for large-scale testing for Covid-19 on arrival into Alderney.

Alderney will therefore be joining with the wider Bailiwick Phase 5b arrangements for release from lockdown from September 3rd.

Jurisdictions outside the Bailiwick will be divided into Group A, Group B and Group C countries.

A full list of Group A, B and C countries can be found here:

Anyone arriving in Alderney from a Group A country within the previous 14 days must enter compulsory self-isolation for 14 days.

Anyone arriving in Alderney from a Group B country can:

Self isolate for 14 days; or

Elect to self isolate for seven days then take a test for SARS-Cov-2 with release to ‘passive follow up’ on receipt of a negative result.

What is ‘passive follow up’?

Passive follow up means a person must report any symptoms consistent with Covid 19 and return to self isolation and arrange a test for SARS-Cov-2. They must not visit a hospital unless for emergency care. In this case prior notification should be given if possible. They must discuss with the relevant healthcare service, for example the GP or hospital clinic if attending an appointment during the period of passive surveillance and they must not visit a care and residential home without prior arrangement with the Care Home Manager.

Anyone arriving from a Group C country is not required to undertake any self-isolation or testing. These countries are those with agreed air-bridges with the Bailiwick – currently only the Isle of Man.

Changes to the lists may occur at short notice. The restrictions during this period of ‘passive follow-up’ will be the same as those that that apply to travellers to other parts of the Bailiwick and full details of the restrictions can also be found on the website.

The new rules mean that many travellers to Alderney and from September 3rd will now be required to self-isolate for only seven days. It needs, however, to be noted that in the period between 1st August and 3rd September, while Alderney remains in Phase 5a, and Guernsey is already in Phase 5b, those travellers who have self-isolated for 7-days in Guernsey will not be permitted to move on to Alderney until they have completed their additional 7-days of ‘passive follow-up’.

James Dent, Chairman of Alderney’s Policy and Finance Committee said:

‘The removal of these restrictions will be welcomed, particularly by the business community. We also hope that more of our second home owners will be prepared to travel and we thank them for their support during this difficult time.

‘The move will also be welcomed by Alderney residents who need to visit the UK and who previously had the prospect of a long period of self-isolation on their return.’

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