October 6, 2022

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Alderney seeks volunteers for Coastwatch scheme

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With travel restrictions being lifted in neighbouring jurisdictions, Alderney’s Harbour Office is seeking community volunteers to help keep watch for incoming vessels.

A scheme similar to the UK’s National Coastwatch, proposed by General Services Committee Chairman Boyd Kelly, will enable Alderney to be on round-the-clock lookout for yachts and pleasure boats from the UK or Europe approaching the island to ensure they conform to entry requirements.

Boyd Kelly
(photo: David Nash)

Mr Kelly said the volunteers will not be involved in the policing of visiting yacht crews or the operation of port tasks but will merely act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of Harbour staff when they are not on duty.

Volunteers will be under the command of harbourmaster John Taylor who will provide the required training and the entry requirements for visiting vessels.


John Taylor
(photo: David Nash)


“The lifting of restrictions will increase the workload for harbour staff and we are looking to the public to help maintain the Island’s safety at this time.” said Mr Kelly. “The pandemic isn’t over so it’s a case of Alderney Needs You and we’ll be grateful to hear from anyone who wants to step up to help keep our Island COVID-free.”

The Harbour Master added: “We hope Islanders will come forward to assist and we will provide the necessary training on our systems and procedures. As the harbour team at Port Control is on duty until 10pm, some of the volunteer work will be undertaken at night.”


Volunteers who wish to apply should contact the Harbour Office on 820070.


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