October 6, 2022

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Alderney Roots Achievements Recognised

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The Alderney Roots project, founded by Sam and Rosie Pycroft have been awarded the coveted Lady Stephenson Trophy by the Alderney Horticultural Society in recognition of their achievements in terms of Community Supported Agriculture.

Perhaps one of Sam and Rosie’s biggest achievements is to have started a conversation about where our food comes from and how we can produce more nutritious, environmentally conscious alternatives by implementing the farm-to-fork method. Currently, Alderney Roots offers veg box subscriptions with a delivery of locally grown, chemical free vegetables straight to the door. Food which is nutrient dense and which will help to regenerate our land by using no dig techniques and methods that build soil health and structure.

Rosie and Sam are offering a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership. CSA is an alternative approach based on the core idea that food is social: food expresses how much we rely on each other and on our environment, and it is up to us to make that relationship as resilient and sustainable as possible. In theory, Alderney Roots CSA members are shareholders in the ‘Roots Farm, and their dividends are in their weekly veg boxes. This gives the farmers the boost they need to grow the produce in the leaner months, and the consumer shares in the bounty dependent on the seasons. “Many people are realising how insecure the food system is, and how disconnected they have become from their food supply,” says Rosie, “What we want to do is give our island the option to connect again, right from the source.”

Sam and Rosie receiving the Lady Stephenson Trophy from members of the Alderney Horticultural Society

The Alderney Roots farm hopes to launch many community projects – opening up the farm to the school and early years providers as well as holding talks and courses on growing with a focus on environmentally conscious practices. There will be ‘Weed & Feed’ events which will be aimed at the local community, giving everyone a chance to get stuck in, working side-by-side with the ‘Roots team and then enjoying a delicious meal provided by the Farm.

The Pycroft’s believe that now, more than ever, is the time to prioritise local food systems. It’s a time to invest in systems that support regeneration of our soil and help to protect biodiversity on island. Rosie sums it all up rather well with the following words…

“This is a lot bigger than a veg box. The CSA model is appealing to more and more people as the draw of seasonal, sustainable produce that comes from within the community fits very well in our emergent understanding of how life ought to be lived in the face of the current climate emergency. Now is the time to be part of a change in our food system. That call is only going to get louder, locally, nationally and globally. Let’s lead the way!”

To find out more about Alderney Roots you can contact them on:
+44 7983 018104
Instagram @alderney_roots

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