October 3, 2022

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William Tate applauds health workers as he has his jab

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William Tate is vaccinated atthe Island Medical Centre

States of Alderney President William Tate was vaccinated this weekend.

His jab helped take the Island Medical Centre’s tally of residents vaccinated to more than 1,000.

Mr Tate was given a dose of the Astra Zenica vaccine on Saturday alongside his wife Gabrielle.

He said:

‘It felt like the pay-off for all the commitment and hard work the community has put in over the past 10 months.

‘Professional in the extreme and organised with military precision in an environment which was safe and welcoming. It is even more comforting when you know and trust everybody involved.

‘We owe Dr Sally [Simmons] and her team a debt which we can now repay by continuing to support the IMC and following the guidance. Hats off to them all.’

Today, as spokesman for the Alderney members of the Civil Contingencies Authority, he offered some public guidance.

 ‘We have the utmost respect for the advice of Dr Brink and our on-Island medical heroes, having followed their advice throughout. We are so fortunate to have this level of support and protection for our elderly and the most vulnerable.

‘However, I must stress that we must continue to be on our guard and follow the restrictions placed on the whole Bailiwick to ensure that we remain virus-free. That means maintaining social distance and following the protocols to protect ourselves and each other.”

Mr Tate advised Islanders that face coverings, whether surgical mask or scarf, are recommended when outside the home, especially in food shops in order to respect workers and shoppers alike.

‘Face coverings are not compulsory because there is no legislation in place.

‘But 99.5% of people are wearing them to protect themselves and others.

‘Islanders are also asked to call the IMC on 822077 if they develop symptoms, however mild, rather than the clinical helpline in Guernsey which is extremely busy.

The main Covid-19 symptoms are new and severe fatigue, new muscle ache for no obvious reason, headache (sinus pain, pain around eyes), loss of smell/taste, sore throat, fever (high temperature, rigors, chills, can’t get warm), shortness of breath and chest tightness, continuous new cough. In children or the elderly, loose stools, mild fever and a developing cough are additional symptoms.

Testing for people with symptoms is either a drive through at the IMC or at the hospital. Everyone with symptoms must self-isolate for 14 days.

The President reassured anyone who relies on Meals on Wheels that they would be looked after. Alderney Spirit, the network of volunteers established last year by Mr Tate and his wife Gabrielle, also remains available to those in need. Volunteers from last year’s lockdown are asked to confirm availability by calling Liz Sumner on 820003.

The Helping Hand Appeal also continues to assist those in urgent need of financial support.

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