October 3, 2022

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Two M&S food stores in Guernsey close for deep cleaning

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All passengers were tested for Covid-19 seven days after arrival

Two branches of M&S food shops in Guernsey have been closed for deep cleaning after a member of staff tested positive for Covid.

Public Heath has introduced targeted testing at some essential services such as food retailers.

The individual, who had not developed symptoms, had been working across M&S St Martins and M&S L’Islet in the past 14 days.

They have now been closed to allow deep cleans to be carried out. All staff have also been invited for testing.

The introduction of targeted testing for essential food retailers has allowed both the States of Guernsey and M&S to identify a case that might not have otherwise been detected, to act swiftly to close and clean the stores, and also to invite all other employees from both sites for ongoing regular testing.

Paul Whitfield, Chief Executive of the States of Guernsey said:

“Our increased testing capacity, possible because of how we’ve repurposed the East Arm facility and expanded our hospital facility, is making a very real difference in helping to identify cases.

“These two stores will be deep cleaned and reopened as soon as it is safe to do so. And that’s important too, because we want to maintain a good number of food retailers open at any one time so people aren’t having to all go to a handful of locations for their essential supplies.”

Customers of these stores do not need to self-isolate unless they are directly contacted by the Contact Tracing Team. They should continue to follow lockdown rules and stay at home, only leaving for essential reasons and they should report any symptoms to the clinical helpline on 01481 756938 or 01481 756969.

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