September 25, 2022

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“Public duty to self-isolate if you travel to Guernsey”

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The States of Alderney is calling for anyone who has recently returned from Guernsey to isolate at home as a matter of ‘public duty’.

With Guernsey currently fielding 30 COVID cases and possible community seeding, some residents who have returned recently from Guernsey – including States President William Tate and Policy and Finance chairman Bill Abel – are now isolating for two weeks at their homes as a precaution.

A spokesman for the States of Alderney said:

‘Those who have returned from Guernsey in the last week are asked to seriously consider the island as a whole and not to go to work, even if an essential worker, or go shopping. This would put the entire Island, its health and its infrastructure at risk. Self isolation should be viewed as a public duty.

‘The President, William Tate, and the Chairman of Policy & Finance, Bill Abel, both returned from meetings in Guernsey last week and are confining themselves to their homes for two weeks as a precaution and asking a friend to shop for essential supplies on their behalf.’

Travel between Alderney and Guernsey during lockdown will be the chief topic in a meeting between the Civil Contingency Authority and the Alderney Operational Group today.

Prior to the new lockdown there was unlimited movement between the two islands.

The CCA and the Alderney group will discuss whether and how flights should be restricted to respond to the new situation.

In all other matters guidance is exactly the same for Alderney as it is in Guernsey.

The spokesman reiterated:

The guidance from Guernsey is clear that everyone should stay at home unless they are seeking medical care, carrying out essential shopping for food or supplies, or for up to two hours exercise outdoors.

‘Those who work should do so from home if they can – the
message for businesses is to keep staff at home unless the activities are essential for the running of the island.’

Further details of how the lockdown affects Alderney will be announced following the AoG meeting and will be available on the States of Alderney website,

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