September 25, 2022

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Dr Sally: There is NO community seeding

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Dr Sally Simmons today emphasised that there was no community seeding on Alderney connected with the positive case of Covid identified here.

Dr Simmons, clinical director at the Island Medical Centre and the medical lead in tackling Covid 19 on Alderney, said the patient had been traced by Track and Trace after coming into contact with a visitor from Guernsey. That happened before the positive cases were announced in the Bailiwick and lockdown was imposed.

The individual was contacted by Track and Trace, duly self isolated and was tested and tested positive for the virus on day 13 testing and results appear to have come in yesterday. They remain in self isolation with their illness being closely managed by the Island Medical Centre.

Dr Sally Simmons assured the public that every protocol had been closely observed.

She said:

‘The individual tested positive on day 13 of testing. The patient is doing very well managing at home in self isolation and we are following up with them twice daily by phone and making sure they remain well. There is no evidence of community seeding. The positive case is as a result of day 13 testing following contact with a visitor from Guernsey.

‘We are working with Dr Brink and I spoke with her earlier on. Her message to me was to reassure us that everything had been done correctly and the patient has acted completely correctly and that everything with regard to testing policy had been imposed.’

Public Health and local medics have been planning for cases of Covid 19 to appear on Alderney.

Dr Simmons said:

We knew this would be a ‘when’ rather than an ‘if’. With the numbers in Guernsey we’ve seen in a couple of weeks it’s hardly surprising we got this.

‘I know people will be a bit shocked and a bit scared by the news but keep up the great work and looking after ourselves and each other we will get through this.

‘The important message to pass on is to carry on social distancing, only going out for essential trips, hand washing and wearing a face covering. If we carry on doing what we have been doing we will stay safe.’

She made a special plea for people to be careful about what they write on social media about the situation.

‘If people can just think before they write that it could cause distress to someone not feeling well. There’s no point in pointing a finger of blame. The person has done nothing wrong and there is no community seeding.

‘I hope everyone will join in hoping that the individual concerned makes a full recovery.’

1 thought on “Dr Sally: There is NO community seeding

  1. As there is no community seeding, what are the reasons that prevent gardeners from working at an unoccupied holiday home? Doing this is exactly the same as any individual working in their own garden. So, I ask again, why can’t a lone, self employed gardener work at an unoccupied property?

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