October 3, 2022

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‘Don’t go to hospital with Covid unless it’s an emergency,’ says HSC

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Dr Peter Rabey, Medical Director for the Committee for Health & Social Care, urged people not to present themselves at A&E if suffering from mild symptoms of Covid 19.

He spoke after Deputy Al Brouard, President of HSC, urged people not to go to hospital with Covid symptoms without a medical emergency, at today’s press briefing.

Dr Rabey said:

‘We want to assure islanders that we currently have sufficient capacity in the hospital for treating COVID patients for those rare cases where hospital admission and treatment is deemed essential. But of course thankfully the vast majority of people suffering from COVID can safely recover at home, without such acute level of medical intervention.

‘It is worth noting in respect of this that we are seeing some people with COVID attending our Emergency Department that will not need to be admitted to hospital. Some of these individuals have come to the Emergency Department themselves and some have been referred by GPs.

‘If a person presents at the Emergency Department with COVID, they will be fully assessed, but would only be admitted to hospital if they need an acute level of care.

‘It is far better for the majority of individuals who are COVID-positive to recuperate at home rather than in hospital. Primary Care remain available to support islanders, with telephone consultations in the first instance, but also with arrangements for face-to-face consultations if required.

He also appealed for Covid patients to travel to hospital in a car with a member of their own household if neccessary unless it was a medical emergency, saying:

‘This is particularly applicable to those going home from hospital. We need to be mindful of not putting unnecessary strain on our ambulance services.’

Dr Rabey added:

‘If you are thinking of attending the hospital for any other non-clinical reason and have even the mildest COVID symptoms, including a new cough, a sore throat, you must not attend at this time.

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