September 25, 2022

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Covid briefing: Alderney reassurances and outbreak at Guernsey care home

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Dr Nicola Brink, Director of Public Health and Deputy Peter Ferbrache, President of Policy and Resources, reassured residents in Alderney that every correct measure had been followed in the tracing, care and isolation of a resident who has tested positive for Covid 19 in Alderney.

They were speaking at today’s press briefing on Covid 19 which was held remotely.

Dr Brink said:

‘We identified the case through contact tracing and it was absolutely text book, and the testing programme worked. All credit to Alderney because they rolled out the programme. It’s been really great partnership working.

‘The risk to Alderney is very low although it’s obviously not absent, so residents should continue to be vigilant.’

A total of 17 cases were identified yesterday bringing the total number of active cases to 361.

Cases identified via contact tracing (green line) and from unkown community sources (orange line) are flattening out.

Yesterday an outbreak was identified at a Guernsey care home – the first such instance during the current wave.

Dr Peter Rabey, Medical Director for the Committee for Health and Social Care, confirmed that two members of staff and two residents had tested positive for the virus at La Grande Lande in St Saviour.

All 11 residents are being moved to the Princess Elizabeth Hospital while staff isolate.

States of Guernsey Chief Executive Paul Whitfield said 300 Bailiwick pupils identified as vulnerable or children where both parents were key workers, would return to school next week. School staff are being tested so that can happen. He said St Anne’s School would be contacting parents with further information later today.

Dr Brink said the next few days would be crucial in determining when schools re-opened for all pupils.

She said:

‘The roll out of testing in education, monitoring numbers in the next 48-72 hours, is crucial to us . It’s too early to provide absolute guidance to parents. I think the next 72 hours and into next week is essential to being able to provide concrete information.’

The Civil Contingencies Authority said the two week review into restrictions had been conducted but for now full lockdown would continue.

Next week however could see some changes made.

Deputy Ferbrache said:

By this time next week, we will have a better idea of the timeframe and the way out of this lockdown. No promises, but we do expect to be announcing changes on Wednesday.

He added that the CCA was hopeful the forthcoming exit from lockdown would be speedier than the last.

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