September 25, 2022

First with the Alderney News

Where has all the milk gone, ask customers

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Shop-owners in Alderney have asked customers to stop stock-piling fresh milk.

Milk has been scarce on Alderney since the crane broke down a fortnight ago.

With less off Island milk hitting the shelves more people began buying milk produced by Kiln Farm cows.

The problem has been exacerbated by the switchover in stock taking place in Le Cocqs after Sandpiper acquired it from Noel Hayes. Cravendale, long life and nut milk alternatives are still not available in previous quantities.

It means fresh local milk is being drained from shops by both residential and commercial customers every morning, leaving fridges and dispensers empty by the afternoon.

Some customers are believed to be bulk buying to avoid being left short.

The situation has been the topic of some debate on social media and Farm Shop and Jean’s Stores manager Hannah Benfield stepped in to explain the situation from their point of view to customers.

She said:

‘The first week we struggled to supply the demand for local milk with the boat not coming in because suddenly everyone who doesn’t like or want local milk was buying it.

‘I feel this has had a knock on effect and we are now onto week three of a shortage. People are buying more than they need and we just can’t squeeze any more out of the cows! It takes us nine moths to get one cow for milk let alone the several extra we need now.’

Normally, she said, the farm had to pour excess down the drain when processing it twice a week – currently it’s flying out of the shop within an hour of it being put out.

Mrs Benfield said they had imported in double the quantity of off Island milk last week for their shops last week to augment the local milk produced by Kiln Farm cows.

She said:

‘We are having the same increased amount this week and hoping to have some Guernsey dairy to follow on the Wednesday boat.’

She added that people could place orders for fresh lactose free milk at their shops.

AY News has asked Le Cocqs for a comment.

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