October 6, 2022

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Mainbrayce rebuild is making waves

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As many people know ,the old Mainbrayce (although full of charm and character) was no longer fit for purpose.

The new Mainbracye is taking shape at the Inner Harbour.

As many will be aware the old ramshackle Mainbrayce, although full of charm and character, was no longer fit for purpose – a fact owner Mike Fitton was only too aware of.

For example, he said, harbour users would recall a beautifully displayed rubber dinghy above the desk. That, he revealed, was more a rain shield than clever merchandising. And there were certain areas where the floor sagged alarmingly.

Now it appears Mike and his team are taking the new Mainbrayce building to the next level. This reporter is no engineering wizz but the already erected foundations and metal infrastructure look sturdy and provide an indication of how it will eventually look.

The new building will have two levels. The chandlery and office will be situationed on the ground floor with the engineering department remaining at the start of the quay. Although the plans are still not yet fully ratified, Mike hopes to make the upper level into a cafe which will be home to stunning views of the harbour.

A completion date has not yet been set, but based on the effort Mike and his team are putting in we could see the new building finished and operational in time for this summer season.

Mainbrayce are still currently operating out of the ‘shack’ next to the engineering works. Chandlery supplies are available as usual and engineering works and boat projects for summer are all still underway and progressing smoothly.

The Mainbrayce web cam is usually focused on the building works. Go to their web site to have a ‘gander’ (sorry Colin).

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