October 3, 2022

First with the Alderney News

How lockdown made Alderney bloom!

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It was a vintage year for Blooming Alderney this year – thanks to the unusual circumstances of lockdown.

A total of 36 amateur horticulturalists opened their gardens to the public for the annual floral event whereas the ordinary number of homes taking part is around 25.

It wasn’t just the numbers of gardens open that made this year distinctive – weather conditions saw gardens blossom.

Organiser Donald Hughes said record numbers of gardens were open and this week’s sunny weather meant visitor numbers were high as well.

‘This has been a fantastic year for Blooming Alderney. This is mainly due to the lockdown as people had plenty of time to tend to and improve their gardens. What’s been really fun is we’ve had a lot of new gardens opened up. We’re getting a lot of guernsey visitors coming up to visit Alderney and they have a look at our lovely gardens so it’s been something nice for them to do.’

The quality of the gardens has been very impressive he said.

‘Generally with the rain we had earlier on and then no rain means the roses are looking really good and the gardens are looking splendid. It’s been a vintage year for blooming Alderney.’

Pictures show Dits and Alan Jones’ garden and are reproduced courtesy of Jean Skerrit.

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