October 6, 2022

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Work on Connaught halted: Brexit and COVID to blame

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The States of Alderney have ordered an immediate halt to work on the extension to the Connaught Care Home .

Kevin Gentle, lead States of Alderney Member for the £1.9m Connaught Care Home extension project, and Boyd Kelly, Chairman of the General Services Committee issued a statement in the evening of 9th August.

“Scarcity and the spiralling cost of building materials have brought a temporary halt to the Connaught Care Home extension build. Groundwork and substructure have been completed but a number of factors have pushed up the cost of materials such as timber, steel, cement and roof tiles.

Initially the knock-on effects of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic caused this dramatic increase in costs and, as we have seen in the  national media, these have been exacerbated by the NHS Covid app ‘pingdemic’ which has resulted in thousands in the supply chain self-isolating.

Until now, good fund management by the States of Alderney was showing that there would be no need to be concerned as the work was on budget. However, a combination of, initially Brexit customs rules and then latterly lockdown easing has led to unprecedented levels of global demand outstripping supply of already scarce materials.

We are well aware of the absolute necessity for the 13 additional residential rooms for long-term or respite care, together with clinic rooms  and offices, to be completed as soon as possible.

The General Services Committee has considered a number of proposals to resolve the issue including the use of alternative building materials and/or asking the States of Alderney for an emergency cash injection.

We have informed the Connaught’s Board of the situation and we are working tirelessly to find the right solution in order to complete this essential project.”

1 thought on “Work on Connaught halted: Brexit and COVID to blame

  1. Seems to me more like poor procurement and contracting processes of the project than Brexit and Covid excuses!
    The lesser of two evils would be to complete the work rather than downing tools . Costs of goods and raw material will continue to climb in response to growing inflation. Fund the completing against the security of building and then sort out if the States will inject the additional necessary funds. Perhaps, there will a one-off tax on Alderney tax payers to fund the additional costs of the contract?

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