October 3, 2022

First with the Alderney News

Vaccination update from the IMC

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Alderney’s Island Medical Centre issued the following update recently:

The IMC has received quite a few phone calls over the last couple of days asking about the delayed dose dates and when we are starting vaccinating the next priority group and lower priority groups

We have vaccinated 923 people in total on Alderney – 320 of those have also received their second vaccination so , that’s a total of 1243 injections.

The next delivery of AstraZeneca is due at the beginning of April and this reserved for those patients whose second dose was delayed (due to more evidence being provided that a longer gap is recommended between doses).

Dates for these patients are Wednesday 07th April and Saturday 10th April – a letter with the new date and time on it has been sent out to those patients.

The next Priority Group to be vaccinated is Number 6 – this will be started as soon as the IMC is allocated and sent more stock from Guernsey.

Team IMC are ready, willing and able to work hard to roll this historic vaccination programme out to the good folks of Alderney who wish to be vaccinated ……. as soon as we have the stock !

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