October 6, 2022

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States of Alderney has vacancies for its Welcome Team

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The States of Alderney are looking for assistants to join their Welcome Team.

Welcome Teams are currently one of the first lines of defence for protecting the Bailiwick from infection from COVID-19 and are paid staff. You will be responsible for processing travellers at our borders, including testing procedures, as well as providing indirect (virtual) support to  the Track & Trace programme.

As well as greeting travellers and marshalling them at Port arrivals for a COVID-19 self-testing SWAB process, you will monitor and supervise the self-testing process and the accurate completion of the Travel Tracker IT application.  This post is from 21 June – 30 September 2021  For more information, or to apply, please email: recruitment@alderney.gov.gg

President of the States of Alderney, William Tate, said today: “What we have demonstrated over the last 16 months is that when the Island faces a challenge, the community responds.The Helping Hands Appeal and the Alderney Spirit Initiative are testament to that.As events move forward, the support of the community is required again.

The role now being offered is a vital part of the Island response and will serve to reinforce our strategy to maintain the safety of the community in the face of what is still a present threat.

We have always recognised the challenges we face in terms of our fragile resilience and we now need to reach out to the community to support the tireless work of those charged with the responsibility for keeping us all safe.If you could spare the time to participate in the scheme the Island would owe you debt of gratitude.

We can and should be immensely proud of the way in which the community has responded to all the challenges we have faced throughout these difficult times.”

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