October 6, 2022

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Secure documents to be issued to prove vaccine status

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For all Islanders who have received 2 doses of vaccine and 2 weeks have passed since their second dose, a letter of confirmation will be sent out providing the dates, vaccine name and batch number for each dose. The letters are being sent out in batches of 10,000 starting today, Friday 18 June 2021. it is likely that it will take 5 working days for Islanders to receive their certificates.

The certificate has been developed to closely align in format, content and security features to those being issued in the UK and the other Crown Dependencies, but with a own clear branding. This approach has been taken to ensure that the certificates issued in Guernsey are easily recognised and accepted when used beyond our borders.

The States has used the more recognisable term of ‘Government’ instead of ‘States’ in our logo so that it clear to those reviewing the letter outside of the Common Travel Area, who may not have heard of Guernsey, that it is an official document issued by a governmental authority.

The certificates will have a range of security features embedded in them, including holograms, the use of a Pantograph to prevent copying, microtext, a unique reference visible using the ISO Alpha-3 country code which is also coded into the barcode and visible and hidden watermarking. It is for this reason that the documents are being posted out rather than emailed. The approach is similar to that used for bank notes to mitigate the risk of forgery.

For those who are currently receiving their vaccine doses, a letter of confirmation will be sent out 12 days after the second dose has been received. With the intention that the individual will have the confirmation on day 14 following the second dose.

A digital solution to provide confirmation of COVID-19 status is being developed and is expected to be available by the beginning of July.

It remains the responsibility of the traveller to confirm with the relevant airline or immigration service their requirements for travel and immigration, and the States of Guernsey accepts no responsibility in this matter.

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