September 25, 2022

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Optimism in new roadmap for the Bailiwick

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Speaking at the regular briefing from the Civil Contingencies Authority Deputy Peter Ferbrache said: “All the indicators are good.”

“We are in the Top 3 or 4 in the world for vaccination ercentage wise we are ahead of the game”.

“All of this is subject to caveats, however it is almost certain Guernsey will enter Phase 3 on 22nd March — this is to be confirmed on Tuesday. “We are looking at marching forwards in a really positive manner” said Dep. Ferbrache.

The CCA announced the publication of a detail blueprint for the Bailiwick with a time of lifting all border restrictions

Depute Heidi Soulsby said: “The timeline is not set in stone but today is a day for optimism.”

By 30th April non essential travel will be allowed with reimplementation of regional restrictions and it is hoped that by 1 July the Bailiwick’s external border can re-open completely.

“Not only is there the light at the end of the tunnel, but we know how we are going to drive through it”
concluded Dep Soulsby.

1 thought on “Optimism in new roadmap for the Bailiwick

  1. 30th April?
    “Also on 22 March 2021, non-essential travel will be allowed with all people entering
    the Bailiwick subject to a mandatory 14 days self-isolation”

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