October 6, 2022

First with the Alderney News

Emergency Harbour Crane Arrives

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Emergency crane arrive in Alderney

In the early hours of Saturday morning a heavy lift mobile crane from Jersey was landed onto the Slipway. Awaiting its arrival was the MV Trinity and a second cargo boat the MV Karina Danica, the later chartered in by Channel Seaways to help deal with the backlog that has resulted from the ongoing problems with the new harbour crane.

The Proplem with the new Sennebogen crane began on Monday when a warning light prevented the crane being used to unload the MV Trinity on Tuesday. After contacting the crane manufacturer an engineer was flown out on Wednesday and was able to fix the original problem. However a second fault developed after he left, again putting the only usable harbour crane* out of action.

With the quickly Island running out of fresh food, a mobile crane capable of lifting 80 tonnes was located in Jersey and a decision made to ship it to Alderney as quickly as possible. Transported on a landing craft the the crane arrived in Alderney late on Friday night before being unloaded onto the slipway early on Saturday morning.

The first container of food is unloaded from the MV Trinity

Once on Position on the Commercial Quay the crane made short work of unloading containers of food from the MV Trinity. In addition to vital food supplies, the Trinity was also carrying plant and materials for the runway refurbishment at Alderney Airport. This work was supposed to have begun at the beginning of the week but could not start until the necessary equipment arrived.

An engineer working to fix the problem with the new Sennebogen harbour crane Credit: David Nash

*Out of interest, if any of you have been wondering why the old Sennebogen harbour crane was not been put back into service the answer is that it has been sold and was due to be shipped off-island to its new owners earlier in the week.

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