May 22, 2022

First with the Alderney News

‘Drugs by post’ leads to 4½ years in Les Nicolles for Alderney man.

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An Alderney man has been sentenced by Guernsey’s Royal Court today for several offences involving online ordering of MDMA (commonly known as”Ecstasy” or “E”), Class C drugs, and steroids.

In July of last year a postal packet addressed to Jordan Clay was inspected by Border Agency officers and found to contain prohibited steroids. A second package, which was intercepted a few days later was found to contain almost 14g of MDMA. A search of Clay’s residence found additional prohibited drugs.

Electronic evidence found on one of Clay’s phones showed that he had ordered the drugs.

Reported first by Bailiwick Express, following submission of a guilty plea, Jordan Clay was sentenced to several terms of imprisonment, to run concurrently, the longest of which is four-and-a-half years.

Speaking in mitigation, Clay’s advocate stated he was ’embarrassed’ by his actions.

1 thought on “‘Drugs by post’ leads to 4½ years in Les Nicolles for Alderney man.

  1. The UK Border force needs to do more intensive screening of people and baggage on departure/embarkation from the UK to the Channel Islands, as the Channel Islands are part of the Common Travel Areas. The border agencies in the Channel Islands do a good job within their training and competencies . Unfortunately, drug taking is widespread but Politicians are reluctant to highlight the issue.
    The UK is the source of the vast majority of these drugs. The Courts in Guernsey and Jersey rightly take a tough line in tough sentencing but need more support from the UK Government. Singapore has the right approach on drug importation!

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