October 6, 2022

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Call for community groups to team up for The Nunnery’s future

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The States of Alderney wants to engage with local community groups and interested parties both on and off island to make full use of The Nunnery Heritage Site before reaching a decision on its future use.

Due to set out its proposals in the Autumn, the States will consider expressions of interest from commercial and third sector organisations along with joint ventures between businesses and charities for making the best use of this unique heritage asset – ‘Britain’s best-preserved Roman fort’, including apartments and hostel accommodation for up to 10 visitors.

A Victorian building within the fort’s grounds, refurbished by the States of Alderney for the benefit of various interest groups, presents a superb opportunity for the right community organisation(s) to step in from later in 2021, the key being a commitment to the conservation of this heritage site and making it available to the community. Look out for the formal invitation to make expressions of interest in the Autumn.This creates an excellent opportunity for charities and businesses to take advantage of the Longis Bay site that attracts hundreds of visitors year-round to its rich Roman, Victorian and World War II heritage.

“We are keen to find the right occupant with a vision for what can be achieved in this unique historical site, either singly or in a joint  partnership initiative with another organisation,” said Ian Carter, Deputy Chair of the Policy & Finance Committee.

“We remain open to fresh ideas from both on-island and off-island organisations and will be happy to explore those ideas fully before we reach any decisions for the Nunnery’s future.”

Interested parties should contact the Chief Executive’s office ceo@alderney.gov.gg

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