October 6, 2022

First with the Alderney News

Braye Beach Hotel under new ownership from today!

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It was confirmed early on Tuesday, evening, May 18th that Alderney’s Braye Beach Hotel has now, as was widely expected, been sold to the Handpicked hotels group.

A helpful and courteous source in Handpicked‘s UK Head Office said to AY News:

“To be frank, we’ve only just been told ourselves, about an hour ago, so we don’t have much information for you right now”.

However AY News was told that further information would likely be available from Handpicked‘s marketing team in the next 24-48 hours.

Hand Picked Hotels is a unique collection of award-winning country house and spa hotels located throughout the UK and the Channel Islands. Each is different and many are listed buildings of historical significance with original features, fascinating stories and have extensive grounds to explore while their coastal resorts are said to be ‘contemporary and stylish’.

The hotels comprising the group were originally a collection of hotels part of the Virgin empire owned by Sir Richard Branson and are now  a group of over 20 unique hotels and spa hotels created by former lawyer turned hotelier Julia Hands.


Julia Hands, Founder
(Photo credit: Handpicked Hotels)

L’Horizon in Jersey, and the Grand Jersey, as well as the St Pierre Park in Guernsey are already part of the same group. and it is understood (but remains unconfirmed) that the Fermain Valley Hotel, another part of Derek Coates’ empire in Guernsey has also been sold to Handpicked.

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