October 6, 2022

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ABO director refutes States’ Nunnery statement: claims ‘factual errors’.

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In a message sent to AY News yesterda, Alderney Bird Observatory director, Neil Harvey moved to refute recent public statements made by the States of Alderney in a press release on the future of the lease on The Nunnery, claiming ‘factual errors’ in the reporting.

Mr Harvey said:  “The States’ press release just like the Billet contains factual errors. A lease was never signed, so there never has been one, only our Tenancy Agreement which we have adhered to but the States have not!”

Neil Harvey (photo: David Nash)

Neil Harvey also refuted a statement that the ABO have applied for a limited grant this year which was agreed.

“We applied for a grant last year which was rejected. We believe the grant was applied for by GSC after the Bird Wardens employment was terminated to cover 2/3 months salary. We were not involved in that, and haven’t received it!”

1 thought on “ABO director refutes States’ Nunnery statement: claims ‘factual errors’.

  1. Like everything these days we tend to over complicate things and it all becomes FAKE NEWS all too quickly.

    Why would the state of Alderney keep handing out public money to an organization that has not shown any credibility accounts for the past 3 years?

    Does Mr. Harvey think it is fair for the SOA, having already shelled out circa £330k to renovate the building, to then be obliged to subsidise the accommodation, pay the wardens salary, maintain the Nunnery grounds and receive only a peppercorn rent? And can he not see that the reason the accommodation sector is unhappy is that none of this support is offered to them?

    I say again, most people have nothing against the ABO and I personally think the warden is doing a sterling job, he does not need an entire fort to do his work, should he wish to compete in the accommodation sector then the ABO should pay a commercial rent for the Nunnery or move elsewhere. In this case the other accommodation providers would be more than willing to pass on their over-spill.

    Should the ABO not wish to pay commercial rent and remain at the nunnery, then by my calculations the entire building should be worth approx £30k per annum in rental income over the three individual units.

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